In today’s fast-paced world the need for multiple devices to be connected at once is assumed. We will arrange for Wi-Fi in and around your home or office so that our service will be available to everyone there, whether on computers, tablets or cellphones. The benefits of a wireless network include the following:

Mobility is by far the biggest attraction that wireless networking holds for users. At work, being able to sit at any desktop computer, laptop or using a smart phone, anywhere in the building to access a server or the Internet is definitely an advantage.

Scalability & Cost Savings
Unlike unforeseen costs with network planning using cabling, the network is easier to manage and users can be added or removed at any time. Operators can sit anywhere in the building and continue with their tasks.

Guest Use & Access
A wireless network also gives visiting colleagues, clients, suppliers and guests the option to access the Internet while on the move.

Data Savings
Using mobile phones over your network is faster than using a cellular provider, and saves on mobile data costs.

Managed Network
Allow your guests to have secure access to you network and the Internet from your own captive portal using access codes issued individually to your guests. Access codes can be issued with limited time access, limited data or a mix of both as required.

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